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Am Open Letter to the Citizens of Bellbrook From Police Chief Douglas Doherty
An Open Letter to the Citizens of Bellbrook from Police Chief Douglas Doherty:
To the citizens of Bellbrook,
I want to take a moment and address the police incident that occurred in Minneapolis, Minnesota this past week. This is a moment in our collective history that darkens everyone’s soul and makes us loathe such indifference to a fellow human being. I, along with the entire Bellbrook Police Department, grieve with those suffering and the senseless loss of life. 
At the Bellbrook Police Department, we have high expectations for our behavior when we perform our daily functions. Expectations that go beyond following a set of policies and rules, but standards and moral codes we seek out when we hire a young man or woman to place a Bellbrook Police Department badge on their chest. I seek officers that are helpful, friendly, professional, trustworthy, honest and those who strive to build relationships within our Bellbrook community. The Bellbrook Police Department meets and exceeds the standards set by the Ohio Collaborative Community Police Advisory Board, and we are very proud of exceeding their expectations. 
I love being the Chief of Police here at Bellbrook! The officers that work here love serving the residents of Bellbrook. Our officers are servant leaders that look for ways to help and problem solve. We enforce laws with measured, common sense strategies that serve our community. We respect all people regardless of their socio-economic status, race, age, gender, religion, or other differences. We treat people how we would want to be treated and do this while ensuring our safety and the safety of others. We are here to serve EVERY person in the Bellbrook area with compassion, understanding and a sense of doing what is right every time.
We are a committed professional organization that serves you. We are always accountable to those we serve. I welcome any resident that has an issue with how we have performed our mission, to contact me immediately. I am happy to meet with anyone at any time! 
Bellbrook is a wonderful community with many charms that sets us apart! The Bellbrook Police Department is part of this community and we are proud to serve all of you! We are always here to serve and protect you.
“Now, we must all fear evil. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men”.
Douglas P. Doherty
Chief of Police
City of Bellbrook

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City Council Waives Temporary Sign Ordinance Until July 1, 2020

City Council held a special meeting tonight to waive the temporary sign ordinance until July 1, 2020 with stipulations to allow businesses and organizations to install temporary signage related to their operations during COVID-19.  The full document can be read by clicking below. Businesses and organizations are encouraged to work with the Planning and Zoning Administrator with questions and if any special exceptions are being requested. The Zoning Administrator is Jessica Hansen and can be contacted via email at or by phone at 937-848-4666.

Temporary Sign Waiver Document

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